08 December 2023

Version has been released.


This is a major release. Your license should be under maintenance on 28 November 2023 to be able to use this version (and above)

  • Excel file reading and writing is now done using a third-party library ASPOSE. This makes the synchronization process much faster, and also more robust, because we no loger rely on the local Excel installation.

  • We have started developing “Veda Assistant” (VA) functionality that would prove useful for new users as well power users.See “Create Tag” button on Information - Veda and TIMES Parameters.

    • Process/commodity lists are shown on VA - as per the process/commodity filters.

Version History


  • Veda Online (VO) has been launched as a subscription service. New users automatically get fully functional trial license (for 7 days) with 5 hours of solve time in the cloud.

  • Veda works well under Windows 11.