25 October 2021

Version 243 has been released.

  • If you are using version 230 or higher, you can use “Backup State” under Model menu. “Restore State” under higher will Re-synchronize all models and import all VD files that were a part of the old version.

  • Reports functionality will be available under all license types till 31 Dec 21.

  • ETSAP webinar on setting up Report definitions file and using the Reports browser in Veda2.0.

Version History


[Alert] Any users of TIMES v455–v457 are advised to upgrade to TIMES v4.5.8. In versions v455–v457 a capacity lower bound CAP_BND(LO) may be erroneously ignored if CAP_BND(UP) is also defined for the same process in the same period. It would be prudent to delete these versions, to prevent their inadvertent use with saved cases.